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Save (mclm_save) is a mod that adds saving to Minecraft Indev versions that don't have saving.





Indev versions will be able to convert Classic saves.

Infdev versions will be able to convert Classic, and Indev saves.

Supported/Planned Versions

Minecraft Version Status Mod Version Note(s)
in-20091223-2 Planned N/A Once the mod is ported to this version, it will unlock two unobtainables that could only otherwise be obtained in the b1.6 test build 3 debug chest. After switching to survival, you are given some items, which include Water and Lava (not to be confused with Water Spawner and Lava Spawner).
in-20091231-2 Planned N/A
in-20100104-2 Supported 1.0.1-rc.1

OrnitheMC has this version listed as "in-20100105".

To save block items in this version, you will need to enable a config option. Worlds saved with this config option will need to be saved and loaded in in-20100110 with Save 1.0.1-rc.2 or later to be fully compatible with vanilla.

Iron Boots will turn into Fire when upgrading a world from in-20100104, to any later version of Indev. For the full list of item conversions, see Save/Upgrade_104#Upgrade_Corresponding_Item/Block.

See also Save/Upgrade 104.

in-20100110 Supported 1.0.1-rc.1 This Minecraft version is the most stable for the supported Indev versions when using the mod.
inf-20100227-2 Planned N/A
inf-20100313 Planned N/A
inf-20100316 Planned N/A
inf-20100320 Planned N/A
inf-20100321-2 Planned N/A
inf-20100325-2 Planned N/A

The version of LWJGL that is downloaded with Minecraft Indev has some issues on the latest versions of Java, to fix sounds see Tutorials/Indev Sound Fix.


Project License Note(s)
ClassicExplorer All Rights Reserved (c) bluecrab2 Included with permission from bluecrab2.
ReleaseTypeUtils CC0-1.0 We use a modified version of ReleaseTypeUtils for internal versioning and logging.
FlatLaf Apache 2.0
Feather Mappings CC0-1.0 Feather Mappings allow us to use Quilt Loader for these older versions of Minecraft.
Quilt Loader Apache 2.0
Minecraft Minecraft EULA This mod uses some code from Minecraft in-20100124-2310, which was obtained using Feather Mappings, some classes and functions have been renamed to make them easier to use.

This mod is not affiliated with/endorsed by Mojang Studios or Microsoft.

Minecraft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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Source Code


Save is licensed under the LGPL-3.0-or-later.