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Super Secret Settings is a feature that allows the player to apply various Post-processing shaders.

WARNING: Some shader effects may not be suitable for individuals with epilepsy or photosensitivity. Please exercise caution.[1]

Vanilla Implementation

Before 1.9 Super Secret Settings could be activated in the Vanilla game by pressing the Super Secret Settings button on the Options screen.

Some post-processing shaders can still be seen whilst spectating Creepers, Spiders, or Endermen.

Fabulous! graphics can also enable the transparency shader, which also adds depth shader support.

Perspective Implementation

Perspective re-implements Super Secret Settings, expanding on it with the ability to add custom shaders[2], support for depth shaders, the ability to run alongside Iris Shaders[3], and the option to render shaders over the gui[4].


  • Add shaders via Resource Packs.[2]
  • Add support for depth based shaders.[4]
  • Intercompatibility with Souper Secret Settings.[2]
  • Can be run alongside Iris Shaders.[3]
  • Added screen mode option, to render shaders over the gui.[4]

Custom Shaders

This section is incomplete!

You can add shaders to Perspective's Super Secret Settings with Resource Packs.

To add a shader, create the following file in your resource pack: /assets/perspective/shaders/shaders/<your_shader_name>.json.

    "namespace": "your_namespace",
    "shader": "your_shader_name",
    "disable_screen_mode": false,
    "enabled": true

Option Description
namespace This is the namespace of your shader post json file.
shader This is the name of the post shader file.
disable_screen_mode If this option is enabled, and shader mode is set to screen, the shader will be rendered in game mode. It is reccommended to set this to true for shaders that move the image in some way. It is also recommended to set this to true for depth based shaders (Perspective now auto disables screen mode for depth based shaders, however it is still recommended to have this set as true for depth-based shaders).
enabled If this option is enabled, the shader will be added to Perspective's Super Secret Settings.

Your shader will be loaded from your post-processing shader json file, which can be located at /assets/<your_namespace>/shaders/post/<your_shader_name>.json in your resource pack.

Perspective will also load shaders that use the Souper Secret Settings format.

See Also: Souper Secret Settings: Minecraft Post-Processing Shaders Guide

Bug Fixes

  • Shaders will stay enabled when in Third Person.[5]
  • Namespaces are now used when loading shaders, or using shader textures.


The following lists the options that affect Super Secret Settings in some way.

You can open the Perspective Config Screen using the 'Open Config' keybinding[6] in-game or by using Mod Menu.

The config file can be located at ./minecraft/config/

Option Description Configurable In-Game
super_secret_settings_shader This option stores the currently selected shader, in a string format.`namespace:shader_name` Yes, you can cycle through shaders using the 'Cycle Shaders' keybinding or select a shader using the shader config screen.
super_secret_settings_mode This option stores the currently selected shader mode, in a string format. The valid options are: `screen`, and `game`. Yes, the shader config screen has a shader mode button that cycles between Game and Screen mode.
super_secret_settings_enabled If this option is set to true, Super Secret Settings will be enabled. Yes, you can toggle this with the 'Toggle Shaders' keybinding or on the shaders config screen.
super_secret_settings_sound If this option is set to true, a random sound will play when you cycle/set a shader. No, this option can only be set in the config properties file or using a custom default config settings resource pack.
super_secret_settings_options_screen If this option is set to true, a button will be added to the minecraft options screen that cycles through the shaders. No, this option can only be set in the config properties file or using a custom default config settings resource pack.
super_secret_settings_show_name If this option is set to true, the shader name will appear when cycling through shaders using the 'Cycle Shaders' keybinding. Yes, the shader config screen has a show name button that toggles this option on and off.

Included Shaders

The following lists the shaders available in Perspective without any additional configuration.[7]

Resource Pack Name Disable Screen Mode Description
Minecraft Default antialias false Blurs the edges of pixels to reduce jaggedness. This is blurrier than FXAA, but is better at eliminating jagged edges in textures and blocks.
Minecraft Default art true Pixels are blurred outward, causing moving objects to twinkle.
Minecraft Default bits true Lowers the resolution and uses an 8-bit color scheme. [8]
Minecraft Default blobs false Similar to Blobs2 and Art, but the spots are tiny when close up and big when far away.
Minecraft Default blobs2 true Similar to Art, but less graphically intensive.
Minecraft Default blur true Blurs the screen overall, independent of what is being displayed. [8]
Minecraft Default bumpy false Outlines color differences, and gives textures a 3D look. (More visible when viewing screenshot at full resolution.)
Minecraft Default color_convolve false Intensifies/adds more colors, adding vibrancy.
Minecraft Default creeper false Similar to Green, but with no black borders or low resolution, obtainable with /gamemode spectator then Spectating from the viewpoint of a Creeper or Charged Creeper.
Minecraft Default deconverge false Offsets the red, green, and blue color channels.
Minecraft Default desaturate false Reduces intensity of colors drastically, causing, as the name suggests, a desaturated effect.
Minecraft Default flip true Flips the player's view vertically. [8]
Minecraft Default fxaa false This shader adds a small amount of anti-aliasing (smoothing jagged edges), most visible in trees along the horizon.
Minecraft Default green true Scan Pincushion and Bits, but with a green overlay.
Minecraft Default invert false Inverts and slightly desaturates colors, obtainable with /gamemode spectator, then spectating from the viewpoint of an enderman.
Minecraft Default love false Adds a red tint to everything. Used in the Love and Hugs april fools snapshot.[9]
Minecraft Default notch false Uses 8-bit color with half the resolution, with a dithering effect.
Minecraft Default ntsc true Gives the player's view the impression of a CRT Monitor/Television Screen.
Minecraft Default outline false Outlines color differences similarly to Bumpy, but less complex. Has no effect on some computers. [8]
Minecraft Default pencil false Meant to give the world a pencil-sketch appearance.
Minecraft Default phosphor false Pixels on screen linger, being "dragged out" when in motion before fading away.
Minecraft Default scan_pincushon false Similar to NTSC, but without the blurring and much less graphically intensive.
Minecraft Default sobel false Turns the view black except for the edges of textures.
Minecraft Default spider true 8 "eyes" onscreen with blur in between, similar to a spider's face, obtainable with /gamemode spectator then Spectating from the viewpoint of a Spider, Cave Spider or Spider Jockey.
Minecraft Default wobble false Colors cycle through the hue range constantly. All displayed pixels move up and down via a sine calculation.
Perspective: Default crt false Adds a red-blue shift, scanlines, and moves the screen around slightly.[10]
Perspective: Default foggy true This shader uses depth to add a fog-like effect.[10]
Perspective: Default gentoo false This shader was made for The Gentoo Gamer after they released New Client Side Mods for Minecraft 1.20.1!. It was made to replicate the effects they used in their thumbnail.[10]
Perspective: Default grayscale false Uses the color_convolve shader to set saturation to 0.0, effectively making the game grayscale.[10]
Perspective: Default mirror false Flips the screen horizontally.[10]
Perspective: Default outlined true This shader uses depth to add a outline to blocks, the outline width scales with distance. This shader was inspired by the outline shader that SystemZee use in their videos.[4][10]
Perspective: Default pixelated true Pixelates the screen.[10]
Perspective: Default rainbow false Overlays a rainbow horizontally over the game.[10]
Perspective: Default saturated false Uses the color_convolve shader to set saturation to 2.0, doubling the games normal saturation level.[10]
Perspective: Default shareware false This shader is a recreation of the effect seen in the 3D Shareware v1.34 april fools' snapshot.[10]
Perspective: Default silhouette true Sets all pixels to black and overlays the outlined shader.[4][10]
Perspective: Default sixteen_colors false This shader mimics the effect of sixteen-color mode from early operating systems such as Windows 98.[10]

More information

  1. An in-game warning was added in Perspective 1.2.0-alpha.4 that displays this message when Super Secret Settings is enabled for the first time.
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  6. The 'Open Config' keybinding is set to [END] by default.
  7. Minecraft Default shader descriptions were taken from Minecraft Wiki: Shaders/Before 1.9, which is under a cc-by-nc-sa-3.0 license.
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